When Bay Area based comic Greag Brown gets his own Comedy Central special, The Balderdash Speakeasy will get to be one of those jerks claiming they heard about him first. This is for no reason other than we were in high school theater club with him back some –ahem!– years ago in 20-ahem! ahem!. Yes, Greag was the class cut-up back then. That’s why he’s going to be someone to watch out for, natural talent. You’ll notice as you follow Greag through social media (and you will, because you want to be cool, so effing do it!), that he’s a self deprecating fellow. That comes off in the act as well. It’s who he is. Which lends itself to hard work and self critique. Meaning that natural talent has the nutriment to take it places. Yes, I’m slurping my old high school chum, but you know what, watch the clips, I’m not wrong even if I am bias.

Greag’s got a case of verbal diarrhea, and he halfway starts to apologize for it before u-turing that apology into an ain’t-that-too-bad-for-you; a non-apology if you’ll allow me use of the term. Many of his jokes have to do with his struggles with the ladies, and Greag, I’m right there with you. Hell, at least you get dumped, I usually have to settle for soft rejections and an aerosol can of cheese flavored solace. Hey, hopefully when my broke ass gets my car street legal, I’ll make the drive up to Oakland to check out a show and we can share some cheesy sadness snack. Greag performed most recently at the Stork’s Club. I’ll work on keeping everyone abreast of upcoming shows, and hopefully he’ll give us a heads up when he can.

A rising young black stand-up, Greag Brown is someone to watch out for.
So if you’re in Oakland, keep tabs on him for live shows. Anywhere else, use those interwebs.

Bryan Shipley

– Bryan Shipley is Editor in Chief of The Balderdash Speakeasy, and needs work
on writing reviews to sound anything above boiler plate, eesh.

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